Established in 1991, Focus Industries O/B Fortune Technology Limited is a global organization, headquartered in Hong Kong with representative offi­ces in Guangzhou. We are a global business partner in the region for leading distributors, retailers and brands worldwide. We help take the stress out of product development, manufacturing and supply. We provide complete buying & sourcing services, production management, supply chain and trade management services via our extensive global network.

As global project management experts we transform your great idea into a world class ‑finished product, delivered on budget, on time, and according to the quality specification you demand. When working with Focus Industries, our customers enjoy a complete set of services and a peace of mind that allows them concentrate on their core business, which is selling. We are committed to the highest operational standards conducting our business with integrity and good corporate governance practices with an emphasis on transparency and accountability. We are also a proud ISO 9001 certified company.

Our expertise lies in various product categories comprised of consumer electronics, household appliances, audiovisual products, lighting, personal & hair care products, health care, housewares, furniture, sundries, accessories and textiles.
We are now exporting to various countries in Europe, Central & Latin America, Africa, South Africa, Russia & C.I.S,
Middle East and Asia.Our company’s management team represents some of the most experienced professionals in the global supply chain management industry.

Besides our expertise in sourcing and supply chain management we can also offer you the opportunity to have access to some well-established, highly visible and recognized international brands that do not only give you a competitive advantage in your market, but also facilitate your business expansion by building on an established brand and equity. Focus Industries offers you both experience and a portfolio of well-established brands.  Following are a list of brands which are currently licensed to us in various product categories. In order to get more details and to know what is available for your region, please kindly contact us.